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BRIGHT by Lynn Electronics

Revolutionizing the telecommunications industry through imagination, ingenuity, and innovation, our BRIGHT technology provides an inventive alternative to traditional fiber patch cords.

This traceable fiber patch cord offers an efficient and effective solution to prevent interconnect errors. BRIGHT technology is ideal for high-performance computing systems in data centers, fiber distribution hubs, mobile switch centers, telecom closets, central offices, and any other high-density interconnect environments.

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Product Categories

Fiber Assemblies

We’re the telecom industry’s leading custom fiber assembly manufacturer. Regardless of the application or task, our fiber cables and trunk assemblies are fully customizable to suit your job’s needs. We offer Corning Gold CAH-approved fiber assemblies, and each one is terminated, built, and tested to exceed industry standards.

Copper Connectivity

We offer full end-to-end copper solutions, including a wide variety of accessories to optimize your installation and customize your project. Our industry standard panels and jacks provide the ideal solution for multimedia applications of all types, allowing the flexibility and adaptability to custom fit any installation.

Media Converters

Our vast selection of both managed and unmanaged media converters can extend copper to fiber, multimode to multimode, and multimode to single fiber. No matter what your specific application is, our technical experts can help you find the right media converter for the job.

Fiber Connectivity

With our fiber accessories and enclosures, we provide end-to-end connectivity solutions. From standard LGX patch panels and adapter plates to attenuators and fiber adapters, we have the products to meet your project’s specifications.

Copper Assemblies

From patch cords to assemblies, we feature a vast selection of copper solutions to fit your needs. We offer a complete series of copper patch cords and copper trunk assemblies in Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6A, all fully customizable for any application.

Power Cords

For both standard and custom jobs, we offer quick turnaround and a wide range of power cord solutions for IT professionals throughout the industry. Regardless of your power requirements, our power cords technical specialists can help you find the products you need, all exceeding industry standards.

Audio/Video Products

With our A/V products like control devices, cables, and TV mounts, we offer modern technical solutions, all with swift delivery options. From small conference rooms to large, multi-dwelling buildings, we can help you meet any application’s specifications and complete any project.

Telco Products

For decades, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality telephone cable and other telecommunications accessories you need to get the job done right. Each of our telco products is not only reliable, but they’ll meet or exceed all of your performance requirements and expectations.

Network downtime can cause you thousands, or worse — your reputation. World-class cables from Lynn Electronics are designed to deliver.

At Lynn Electronics, we’re a quality cable assembly house providing high-quality and dependable products to the telecommunications and IT industries. Featuring meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy, our experienced sales staff and responsive customer service help our clients find customized, quick-turn solutions to their connectivity issues.

We’re members of the Corning Cable Systems’ Gold Program, which means that we’re backed by the industry’s foremost leader in optical components and even feature a 25-year extended warranty on certain installation projects.

With multiple manufacturing and stocking locations like our 7,500 square-foot facility in California and our massive, 40,000 square-foot facility in Pennsylvania, we have both coasts of the country covered. This allows us to offer 2-3 day lead times for our customers and 1-3 day shipping to any part of the United States.

Connect with us today for more information or to speak with one of our data center experts!

Network downtime can cost you thousands. Our world-class cables are designed to deliver.

Whether you need standard configurations or specialized solutions, we have the product to suit your fiber or copper needs.

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