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Copper Assemblies

In the world of communications, copper is among the most utilized means for data to be transmitted quickly and clearly to consumers across a variety of applications. Prior to the creation of fiber optic technologies, copper was king and is still the most widely used means of transmitting communications to customers far and wide.

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Lynn Electronics’ copper-based production line includes both standard stock and custom high-performance patch cords available in CAT5E, CAT6, and CAT6A. Through partnering with industry leaders and having local stock, Lynn Electronics’ supply of copper cords are high-quality, quick turned, and priced competitively. Every one of Lynn Electronics’ custom patch cables is compliant with EIA/TIA 568b standards and are available in straight, cross-over, or rolled wiring assembly configurations.

Optilink Copper Connectivity

When you turn to our Optilink line of copper products and accessories, Lynn Electronics’ brand dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality copper connections on the market, you’ll be choosing both a reliable and cost-effective means of conveying content to your audience. Whether your communication operation requires standard or custom copper patch cables or panels, Lynn Electronics ensures a quick-turn solution for minimal operational downtime. When you partner with our company for copper connectivity solutions, you can rest assured knowing that your communications will be more easily managed and protected like never before.

  1.  Keystone Jacks & Faceplates
    As an affordable means of mounting low-voltage fiber cable connectors into wall plates, patch panels, and surface-mount boxes, Lynn Electronics offers CAT5E and CAT6, RJ-45 Keystone jacks. Whether the jacks you’re in search of need to be shielded or 110 type punch down, Lynn Electronics has you covered. Our CAT5E and CAT6 jacks are available in a variety of colors for labeling and easy cable access. Our selection of Keystone jacks and faceplates are designed for durability and ensure a snug, stable connection of cables.
  2.  Keystone Surface Mount Boxes
    When it comes to installing a new copper connection, Lynn Electronics’ selection of Keystone surface mount boxes are designed for quick installation and ease-of-access. Our surface mount boxes allow users’ copper cables to stay firmly connected, without running the risk of damaging the connection, to ensure a clear channel of communication at all times.
  3. Optilink Copper Patch Panels
    Our Optilink patch panels are available for CAT5E and CAT6 copper cable configurations and can be purchased pre-stocked or custom made to meet the needs of each customer. Lynn Electronics’ patch panels are designed not only to improve organization of copper cables, but for quick and easy terminations.


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