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Fiber Assemblies

As the industry’s leading provider of custom fiber optic assemblies, Lynn
Electronics offers a vast array of assemblies ranging from the most basic of
pigtail cables to the most diverse outside plant (OSP) fiber assemblies for
data centers and telecommunication corporations.

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Corning Cable Systems

In partnering with Corning Cable Systems, a global leader in high-quality
optical components, Lynn Electronics’ CAH Connections Gold Certified division
has the flexible abilities to accommodate customers the rapid fiber optic
assemblies their communication operation requires, backed by the trusted
reliability of Corning fiber components. In addition to meeting and exceeding
industry standards in terms of the quality of assemblies, Corning Cable
Systems’ Extended Warranty Program (EWP) provides coverage for all simplex and
duplex patch cords manufactured by our CAH Connections Gold Certified
division, and installed by certified NIH members, for 25 years after the date
of the purchase.


With two state-of-the-art fiber manufacturing facilities in California and
Pennsylvania, Lynn Electronics’ locations house over a million dollars of
fiber active jumpers and fiber accessories.

TAA/ BAA Compliance

In strict adherence of the Trade Agreement Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581) and
the Buy American Act (4 U.S.C. & 10a-10d), Lynn Electronics’ fiber patch
cords are manufactured right here in the United States of America.

  1. Optilink Fiber Accessories

    In addition to Lynn Electronic’s all-encompassing selection of fiber
    assemblies, we also offer an impressive variety of fiber accessories to go
    along with the patch cords. From high-quality media converters and network
    switches to SFP’s and XFP’s, our TEC Optix Solutions division manufactures
    the configuration add-ons our datacom customers and contractors require.
    Designed to optimize user-friendliness, Lynn Electronics’ media
    converters, network switches and connector accessories are always stocked
    to ensure our customers are provided with an immediate solution when
    installing a fiber network.

  2. Corning Gold

    As a proud member of the Corning Gold Program, Lynn Electronics’ fiber
    assemblies meet Corning’s Gold standards in terms of manufacturing product
    quality and the highest quality of fiber optic reliability. Lynn
    Electronics’ CAH Connections Gold Certified division innovations and
    manufacturing processes are audited annually to ensure strict adherence to
    Corning’s rigorous standards.

  3. Multi-Strand Fiber Assemblies

    As opposed to singlemode fiber assemblies, the cores of multi-strand fiber
    assemblies are larger than the wavelength of the light being transmitted
    through them, which enables better propagation of light through shorter,
    slower LED applications.

  4. OTDR Launch Box

    Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR) are utilized to detect flaws and
    determine where lossage occurs in fiber optic configurations. Lynn
    Electronics’ selection of OTDR Launch Boxes offers users a wide range of
    pulse suppression capabilities across vast fiber assembly distances.

  5. BRIGHT by Lynn

    In Lynn Electronics’ innovative efforts to provide the datacom industry
    with the most advanced products and patches on the market, BRIGHT by Lynn
    is a revolutionary self-powered traceable fiber jumper featuring a Uniboot
    connector and Corning ClearCurve Glass. BRIGHT by Lynn offers a
    cost-effective traceable fiber patch solution to prevent interconnectivity
    faults. Capable of handling even the most rigorous of computing system
    requirements, BRIGHT is Lynn Electronics’ answer to improvement of datacom
    transmission across all industries, applications, and high-density
    interconnect environments.

  6. Fiber Attenuators

    As a means of reducing the power of the signal passing through a fiber
    optic link, Lynn Electronics’ selection of fiber attenuators is able to
    withstand high levels of optical power with low polarization dependence.


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