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Fiber Connectivity

In order to keep up with the immediate needs of our customers, Lynn Electronics ensures the rapid delivery of both reliable pre-load fiber optic panels and custom fiber optic patch panels to meet exact customer specifications. Through offering a wide variety of fiber enclosures, adapter strips, and connection accessories Lynn Electronics is able to ensure that our customers’ datacom connectivity and distribution is as streamlined and efficient as possible.

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Lynn Electronics’ offers a complete line of fiber optic LIU rack mount enclosures, wall-mounted enclosures, and adapter strips constructed of highly-durable 18 gauge steel with powder coat finishes, all of which are available for custom branding. Our facilities are stocked with standard 1U-4U fiber housing units to accommodate both small and large fiber configurations.

In addition to serving as a durable means of housing one’s fiber connections in an organized fashion, Lynn Electronics’ selection of rack mounted and wall mounted patch panels serve as the termination hub for users to quickly connect an existing fiber to a different device or additional cable.

As an industry leading manufacturer and provider of fiber optic solutions, Lynn Electronics understands the importance of speed and network reliability in terms of transmitting datacom and telecommunications to customers. When your fiber network is not operating at its peak performance level, or requires downtime, your company is losing money. Through offering fiber connectivity solutions of the highest quality, we’re able to ensure our customer’s datacom or telecommunication transmission operations’ operate seamlessly.

  1. Fiber Enclosures
    Fiber enclosures serve to organize fiber systems and keep components accessible, but have the added benefits of helping increase system performance. This protects internal components from damage which may otherwise occur if left exposed to the elements.From fiber wall mount enclosures which house 1 cassette or adapter strip and up to 24 fiber wires, to those with the ability to hold up to 4 adapter strips or cassettes with the maximum capacity of housing 96 fibers, Lynn Electronics ensures that we have enclosures to accommodate datacom operations across the spectrum.
  2.  Fiber Adapter Strips
    Meant to house fiber assemblies across all indoor, outdoor, or rack mounted applications, Lynn Electronics’ simplex and duplex adapter strips are a durable and cost-effective means of organizing fiber optic components.Lynn Electronics’ variety of fiber adapter strips are both standard and custom designed to accommodate all connections and types of fiber, whether they be single or multimode, and a multitude of interfaces. Our fiber adapter strips are an ideal organizational tool for fiber in telecommunication rooms, industrial control systems and for FTTX configurations.


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