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Media Converters/Switches/SFP's

Lynn Electronics’ quality media converters are an easy, affordable means of connecting different LANs, whether they be fiber optic, copper, or a combination of the two to a media distribution network. Serving as a reliable bridge between existing devices and the newest, cutting-edge technologies, our selection of media converters are an effective means of enhancing one’s media operation with a solution flexible enough for future expansion without the expenses associated with optimizing one’s network all at once.

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Extend Your Reach with Lynn Electronics’ Converters

Maintain the ability to utilize existing copper hardware while simultaneously taking advantage of the speed and quality of fiber optic assemblies to transfer data seamlessly across one’s network configuration. Our cost-effective variety of managed and unmanaged media converters ensure a constant flow of data, free from EMI, to ensure our customer’s connections are faster and more reliable than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to extend existing copper cables to fiber lines, multimode to multimode, or even multimode to singlemode fiber, our highly trained technical experts at Lynn Electronics will ensure that you’re getting the optimal media converter for your application. Not only are our media converter designs available with SC, LC, and ST connector ports, they’re available for SX, FX, LX, EX, ZX, or BX fiber support.

Lynn Electronics’ TEC Optix Solutions division designs and manufactures a complete line of media converters, all of which are IEEE 802.3 10BaseT, 802.3u 1000BaseFX, and 100BaseFX compliant. Our converters include LED indicators for user-friendly diagnostics & network troubleshooting and come with a lifetime performance warranty to ensure Lynn Electronics’ product standards are upheld. No matter if you’re application requires commercial, managed, or industrial grade media converters for peak performance in the coldest (-40C) or hottest (+75C) operating temperatures, Lynn Electronics’ has affordable solutions for your network configuration.

Fast Ethernet Media Converters 10/100 Mbps

Our selection of Fast Ethernet (FE) Media Converters provides PoE PSE power injections via unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Ethernet cables for extensive security and seamless network integration. When converting media over a copper-based LAN, Lynn Electronics’ Fast Ethernet Media Converters are a simple, low-cost solution for reliable data transmission. This collection of converters provides data rate speeds up to 100 Mbps and offers easy plug-and-play installation across the spectrum of connections.

Gigabit Media Converters 10/100/1000 Mbps

When you’re looking to add a boost to your fiber optic network by extending its distance, Lynn Electronics’ collection of Gigabit Media converters is equipped with secure, pluggable fiber optic ports for use with MSA compliant SFPs. Our cutting-edge gigabit converters offer faster data speeds up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) across a more complex network layout, providing up to ten times the speed of lower cost Fast Ethernet Media Converters.

SFPs & DAC Cables

Small Form-Factor Pluggables (SFPs) are a simple, effective way to link switches and routers back to your network, interfacing your network device motherboard to both fiber optic and copper connections. Lynn Electronics’ also carries an impressive variety of Direct Attach Cables, or DACs, which are high speed shielded cables with SFP converters attached to either end used to connect switches to your application’s servers or routers.

Shop our selection of media converters online or contact us with any questions about which equipment is best for your application.


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