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Power Cords

At Lynn Electronics, our high-quality power cords are perfect for data centers, network facilities, and more, and allow for a neater and cleaner installation in just about any space. Each one is tested for dielectric voltage withstand (Hi-Pot), continuity, and polarization, and is both RoHS compliant and UL/cUL certified. We offer a wide range of data center rated power cords, including computer power cords IEC, International, Extension, Angle, NEMA, locking, and more.

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We carry all types of cords for just about any requirement or application, from straight blades to locking, all in a wide range of amperages, lengths, and even colors, all to meet the needs of our customers.

With a carefully-selected power cord, you can not only reduce lost power and increase airflow in your data center, but you can also save money, since lost power and higher cooling expenses can add up quickly. Additionally, unshielded power cords can result in issues with electromagnetic interference, leading to performance degradation. With a shielded power cord, you can reduce data problems that could otherwise hamper your organization.

With a vast selection of colors, you’ll never worry about that messy bird’s nest of cables that make it next to impossible to identify which cords are going to which connections. With colored jackets, it’s simple and easy to trace cords from their source. This doesn’t just help you identify unnecessary paths of power and prevent accidental disconnects from critical equipment. Clearly, it’s essential to make sure you’re choosing the correct power cord or data center cord for your project or application.

When dependability is your priority, a locking power cord or data center cord from Lynn Electronics will help give you the peace of mind that you deserve and the reliable products you expect from our team. With our two facilities serving both North American coasts, we have plenty of power cords in stock and can offer shipping times of only 1 to 3 days — anywhere in the country.

Locking Power Cords

If your project requires a continuous electrical connection, then you need a locking power cord. Because they are designed for high usage and rough environments, it means they’re durable and perfect for both commercial and industrial applications. Often found where an unwanted disconnect could prove disastrous or even dangerous, locking power cords are an essential component of computer racks, equipment for lighting and sound, heavy duty machinery, and even medical equipment.

Data Center Power Cords

Unfortunately, power cords can be overlooked when mapping a rack or building a data center. For mission-critical applications like these, choosing the right cord can help to improve data center uptime, energy consumption, and services response times. Conversely, improperly cabling a data center can create chaos on your entire infrastructure. We can help you select the right length, gauge, and angle, all to optimize your data center’s efficiency and enhance its effectiveness.

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