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C13/C14 Power Cords

IEC 60320 Power Cord Sets feature a C14 male plug on one end, and a C13 female connector on the other end. These are commonly found in Data Centers, Networking Closets, and any other type of IT installation, or, in the home or office as an extension cord.

In the data center, C14 to C13 power cord sets are used to “jump” power from a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to a piece of IT equipment such as a Server, Router, Switch, or Firewall. Because these are used in the data center, they can be found from stock in many different colors and lengths. Different colors are used to color code an installation, and each data center typically has its own method of color coding its power path and racks. However, a common method is using Red and Blue power cords to color code each circuit. Read our article on “Color Coding IT installations” for more information this topic. Different lengths are required to ensure that the cord sets do not take up excess space in the rack, which could lead to the rack overheating. Right length power cords are used to increase airflow, and decrease the chance of a cord being snagged on something and coming disconnected from the PDU or Equipment.

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