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C13/C20 Power Cords

IEC 60320 C20 to C13 Jumper Cords are used to connect a C19 outlet on a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to a C14 inlet on a server, router, switch, etc. The standard gauge conductor for C20 to C13 cord sets is 14awg. C20 to C13 power cords are rated for a maximum of 15A because of the limitations of the C13 female. C20 to C13 power cord sets can be used in either 125V or 250V circuits.

C20 to C13 jumper cords come in a variety of colors to color code data center installations. Blue, Red, and Black cord sets are the most popular colors used in data centers, however, depending on the application more colors can be used to identify storage, compute, and networking racks or servers.

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