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C14/C15 Power Cords

C14 to C15 Power Cord Sets come in three different ampere ratings, 10A, 13A, and 15A. The most common ampere rating for C14 to C15 cord sets is 15A, utilizing 14awg conductors. 14awg C14-C15 cord sets are the most common due to the C15 being a High Temperature (Up to 105°C) connector. Typically, devices that generate significant heat are going to draw more power, making the 15A rating a necessity for most applications.

Because the C15 has the same shape, besides the notch, as a C14 to C13 cord set, C14 to C15 cord sets can also be used in place of C14 to C13 cord sets. This can be useful when you cannot obtain a C14-C13 cord set that is the correct length, amperage,

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