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TELCO Products

At Lynn Electronics, we have been supplying telephony cords for over 60 years. We built our business on this product line back in the 1960’s. When it comes to Telco products, our expertise, stock levels, and workmanship are unsurpassed.

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We all know how annoying it can be to have a twisted, messy, and knotted handset cord. But what you might not realize is that after years of use, these twists and knots can actually cause the cord to deteriorate. This leads to a reduction in sound quality and fidelity. If you’re not getting the same level of sound quality that you’re used to, then it’s probably time to replace your handset cords. Give your clients the attention they deserve with a new cord and enjoy a clear connection with them.

We also carry numerous options for telephone line cords to stay connected with the world and offer you the flexibility you need. With our replacement phone line cords, it won’t matter where in your office the phone jack is — you’ll have all the flexibility you need and can keep your phone wherever you like.

Our phone cords come in varying lengths, a wide array of beautiful colors, and are manufactured by all the leading brands, all to fit your needs, regardless of what they are. If your cords have deteriorated over time and through everyday use, replace them with new ones that will help you hear your customers and clients better. Browse our vast selection of phone line cords and handset cords online. And of course, our staff is always happy to help, so contact us if you have any questions.

Telco Assemblies

We offer male to male, male to female, and female to female telco cables for connecting telephone systems and LANs (local area networks). All of our CAT 3 assemblies meet or exceed industry standards and provide high-quality performance and reliability.

Handset Cords

Our selection of telephone handset cords come in a variety of colors and sizes to allow you greater flexibility and maneuverability around the office when you’re on a call. Each one is UL rated and features RJ-22 modular plugs at each end.

Line Cords

We offer a wide selection of cords to seamlessly interconnect with both standard telephone and business telephone systems, like VoIP, Keyed, Hybrid, and PBX. They’re perfect for low data requirement applications like multi-line office telephones, dumb-terminal installations, and other serial or parallel applications.

Telephone Cordage

Browse our inventory of flat telephone line cordage, all suitable for telephone and VoIP applications. Each features flat modular cable in a PVC jacket and is RoHS compliant, and comes in an option of black or silver satin.

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